Aquarius Season – Why Siddhartha Buddha Must Have Had Some Aquarian Influences

January 24, 2022

Aquarius is the sign of astrology, of all scientific, futuristic, esoteric, out of the box knowledge. It is the sign of friendships, of hopes and dreams. Aquarius allows us to see things from a detached perspective. They say that the Buddha was a Taurus, but I think that Siddhartha Buddha must have had a strong Aquarius in him. Aquarius has a sense of detachment, It can look at things from the outside, it can maintain equanimity. It is the one who can leave his family and go to meditate in the forest in order to be in service for humanity.

From all Buddhist practices I was always drawn to Vajrayana. Vajrayana does not try to fit you into a box. You can find your Buddha quality in one of five different Buddha Families (Tathāgatas). You can be a combination of all of them, it’s very individual. I think one of the main problems of spirituality today, is that we all try to be like Siddhartha Buddha; cold, analytical, like an Aquarian, but we are not necessarily that. In Vajrayana they say that you might relate to the Vajra buddha family, which magnetizes richness and abundance, or you might relate to the Padma buddha family, which is passionate and fiery.

The very fact that I got back to my favorite Buddhist Book, The Lion’s Roar by Chogyam Trungpa, to read about the five Buddha families, is a very Aquarian thing to do. It’s all about trying to understand the world, understand why people behave the way they do.

If you tend to be very emotional, if tend to take things very personally, if you have a lot of fire and or a lot of water in your chart, Sun in Aquarius is great for you. It cools down excessive fire, it cools down obsessions, it helps you get a new perspective. It gets you out of drowning in your own emotions. It gives you sharp perception. Aquarians are humanitarians. You can’t change the world if you take it personally, if you get caught in the drama of it. You have to keep a healthy distance from the pain. There was a time when I established and operated a Mindfulness Middle Eastern Magazine called Hamsa Journal. I would talk with Israelis, Palestinians, and Arabs about the Israeli Palestinian conflict all day long. The whole situation was too painful. I am not an Aquarian. It was too emotional.

Aquarians hate it when astrologers tell them that they are detached. And some of them are certainly not. Your emotional detachment depends more on your moon than on your sun. And even if your moon is in Aquarius, it might be in the 4th house, or 8th house, houses of Cancer or Scorpio, and then you are not really detached. In any case, the ability to detach is a great thing, as long as you also know to be connected to your emotions. At the end of the day, it is all about finding the middle path.

*I did check the optional birth charts for Siddhartha Buddha online. One of them, which seems the most reasonable to me, suggests that he was a Taurus with Uranus conjuncts Sun. Uranus is the ruler of Aquarius. Click here to see the alternatives of Buddha’s birth charts.  

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