I'd love to get to know you, but first, let me tell you my story​

Hi, my name is Yael Terramel Weisbach and I am an astrologer, but this wasn’t always the case. Even though I have been fascinated by astrology since childhood, my early life’s hardships drove me to seek financial security through accounting and economics studies. For twelve years I led a successful financial career, but my spirit was not content. I continuously searched for answers in Buddhism, occultism, meditation practice, and yoga.

In 2009 I left the comfort zone of the financial world to begin teaching yoga. I co-owned a yoga studio with my esteemed teacher Eyal Chehanowski. I became a close friend and assistant of Maty Ezraty, a worldwide yoga leader. I completed a teacher training with the renowned yogi and philosopher Richard Freeman. I took meditation retreats at Spirit Rock. I was happy and fulfilled in so many ways. At the same time, I was totally broke. I was reaching my forties realizing I might not have children. I knew I could be content on my own, and yet, something big was missing.   

In 2013, I met the famous astrologer Debra Silverman, for an in-person astrology reading. I was astonished by the magnitude of this encounter. Debra helped me see my life story in a whole new perspective. She allowed me to understand my pain and hardships in a constructive way. She showed me my gifts and challenges. After meeting her I could finally stop trying to be the Yael I thought I should be. I learned to accept and love my own unique special self. Debra became my teacher. 

Not surprisingly, right after seeing Debra, I met my soulmate, Adam. We had three hard years trying to conceive, and I went through three miscarriages. But in 2017, when I was forty-three, our beloved son Eden was born. Overjoyed with the manifestation of my long-desired motherhood, I took a two-years break from work to stay at home with my son. At the end of this magical period, I completed my astrology studies at Debra’s school and in 2019 became a full-time astrologer. 

Since then, I help my clients understand themselves better, love themselves, and live the life they want. It’s not a life without pain, challenges, or difficulties. Astrology gives us the means to grow through our hardships. 

Beyond empowering individuals, I also love doing family readings. I help bring clarity and understanding for parents facing difficulties with children of all ages. I provide guidance to parents with newborns on how to better understand and support their children and allow them to flourish in life. I help couples bring harmony into their relationships. 

I’ve always loved teaching. I used to teach finance, then yoga and meditation. Today I teach Astrology. I do both online and in-person workshops.

Every day I experience the magic and accurecy  of astrology. I witness the strong positive changes in the lives of my patients. I am grateful beyond words for the privilege to be myself each day, the privilege to be an astrologer.  

I am originally from Israel and lived most of my life there, except for five years in which I lived in Boston, MA and New York, NY. In 2021 I moved with my family to Asheville, NC and fell in love with this place.

My approach to astrology is quite unique

 “Through understanding the whole thing, we begin to trust our world, to realize that there is no such thing as a cosmic conspiracy. The world is a kind world, a rational world, there is no joke involved.” ~ Chogyam Trugpa, The Lion’s Roar

It was 2009. I was traveling in Kasar Devi, India when I read these lines for the first time and it hit me – till then I had held a strong inner belief that the world was not on my side. It took me years to learn to trust my world. As an astrologer, I believe that the planets and always for us. That the challenges we face are meant to wake us up and help us evolve. This is a huge thing.

When you read some astrological interpretations, you might feel like you are doomed for having challenging aspects in your natal chart. Believe me, I got them all! Pluto squares my sun and moon, Saturn conjuncts my sun, and more. The truth is, that my most successful, fulfilled patients, have the most challenging charts.

My astrology practice will give you an empowering perspective on yourself and your life story. Your will learn to know your authentic self, your gifts, and your challenges. I will guide you on your path towards growth and evolution. I will explain you the work you need to do to realize yourself and manifest your dreams.

Through the connection with the stars, you will learn that there is a good reason for everything that you are.

When acting out of self-understanding and awareness, you can better express your deep authentic being. As a result, positive people and circumstances are drawn into your life.

My astrology is not deterministic. It reveals your inner forces, so that you can work with them. Once you are aware of the forces at work, the power they have over you diminishes. You have the opportunity to bring inner balance and to strengthen your weaknesses. Instead of being blindly controlled by the forces within, you take hold of the reins and can navigate your life.

I strongly oppose divination. Beyond the issues of self-fulfilling prophecies, knowing the future often does not help. When I was single, a tarot reader told me that I was going to meet the love of my life on a planned trip. During the three months of my journey, every man who stared in my direction became a potential life partner. Needless to say, it ruined my chances of creating any authentic relationship. I got back home as single as I was before. I believe the key to the future is in your hands. Work to be the most authentic version of yourself, and see how your dreams turn into reality.

I Look forward to meeting and working together towards realizing your dreams and aspirations.

Self Research Lab Astrology

When I took Richard Freeman’s teacher training in Boulder Colorado during the summer of 2012, Richard said – yoga is a self-research lab. His words keep echoing in every breath of my practice.  

We are all complexed creatures. Buddhism claims that there is no “I”. It does not mean that we do not really exist, as some mistakenly interpret. It means that we are a composition of many different entities such as heart, mind, soul, physical body, and ego. We are never codependent; we are a part of our society, our family, our community. We are constantly changing. It was even proven scientifically that our atoms constantly change. Some of our atoms originated in supernovas of faraway galaxies. There is no moment in time where you can point you finger to a certain unchangeable independent entity and say – this is who I am.

When you understand this, you also understand that to live your highest purpose, to fulfill the reason for your being here, you must open your own self research lab. Along the years I found astrology to be the best method for that. Astrology teaches you about your mind through Mercury, about your heart though the moon, about your ego through the Sun, about your soul through the ascendant. It shows your past through your south node and your childhood line. It shows your potential through your north node and midheaven. And there is so much more to learn.

When you better understand yourself, you can bring more truth and authenticity to your relationships, to your work, to the world. You can manifest your uniqueness. Self-research teachers you to embody the highest potential of your one-of-a-kind composition. The more you understand it, the more synched you are with your purpose. As a result, you gain a sense of wellbeing and fulfilment.

I’d love to meet and research your unique self together.

With love,